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Who is Lisa Dannielle?

Lisa Dannielle

Lisa Dannielle is a gifted author, speaker, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and now pastor. She is fiercely passionate about women's issues and personal development. A gifted encourager, Lisa is affectionately called "the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)" and challenges people to rethink their limiting beliefs so they can reengineer their lives for the glory of God. Lisa is a survivor, she has triumphed over a failed marriage, domestic violence, and low self-worth.


“If it was bad and forced you to your knees, I probably went through it“… It blows my mind how God can see you in your worst state, clean you up, love you completely, and still want you to step out for His glory.”

-Lisa Dannielle


Lisa still marvels at God’s faithfulness and how He is using her as a vessel to unleash freedom in other women. A native of Orange County, CA,  Lisa has been entrenched in music and ministry most of her life. As a singer, she has had the opportunity to work with a host of world-renowned celebrities and recording artists.


After officially accepting a call into ministry in 2013, Lisa has made spreading the message of Jesus Christ her life's purpose.  A warrior by nature, Lisa Dannielle has taken her life experiences and turned them into an opportunity to bring transformative ministry to the masses…


Her ministry endeavors notwithstanding, Lisa is also a successful executive and serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for an engineering firm where she manages three offices in Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX and the United Kingdom.

"My heart’s desire is to remind women that no matter how far they have fallen, they can begin again. They can accomplish anything with God on their side."


 Although she holds many titles, roles and responsibilities, Lisa Dannielle is most proud to be called mom.

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